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Party Rentals FAQ for Bounce Houses & More

Do you charge for delivery & set up of the bounce house?
No. All of our prices include free delivery, bouncy house set up and pick up. 

When do I pay for the moon jump?

Payment is expected at time of bounce house delivery. 


Do I have to put down a deposit on the bouncy house?
No deposit is required on our inflatable bounce houses or other party rentals.


When is delivery of the bouncy house?

All deliveries are before noon (between 8am and noon). If you are having an early party, please let us know int he comments when you book your jump house. We will accommodate. 

Where is the best place for the inflatable to be set up?
On a flat, grassy area free of rocks, branches and other sharp objects. 

Can the bouncie house be set up on a driveway?
Yes. As long the driveway is flat and we are able to anchor the unit properly. 

How many kids can go in a bouncey house at one time?
Each bouncy house has its own limitations and the number of kids varies depending on age, size of child, etc. 

How long is a rental period for the bounce house and other party rentals?
All rentals are overnight rentals. However, we will try to accommodate any needs you have in regard to delivery and pick up. We try to drop off each jumper for residential use by noon on the day in which it is booked and pick it up before noon the following day. If you have a specific request in regard to bouncy house delivery, please put it in the comments secion when booking or call or email an Airtime Inflatables Inc representative to discuss specific needs for your bouncy house. 

Will a moonwalk hurt my lawn?
No. Your grass will come back to its natural form within a day after removing the jumpy house. 

Does the bouncy blower need to constantly run?
Yes. The jump house will deflate if blower is turned off or unplugged. 

What would be considered an “unsafe environment” for use of an inflatable bounce house?
1.) Severe weather. If winds are more than twenty miles per hour or there is lightning or rain present, the bounce house should not be used. In this case, unload all riders immediately and the blower should be turned off and unplugged. Once the severe weather has passed, the bouncey house can be inflated and used normally. 

2.) Weight capacity is exceeded. If too many children are using an inflatable at one time it increases the likely hood of injury to both the children and the moon walk itself. 

3.) Lack of adult supervision. The use of any Airtime Inflatables Inc product needs to be supervised by a responsible adult at all times. If an adult is not going to be present for a period of time during your event or party, but the bouncy house is still available to children, we recommend removing the blower from the inflatable jumper so it cannot be inflated. 

4.) Large children and small children should not be in the moon jump at the same time. Group age appropriate children and only allow those children in the bouncie house at the same time. 

What happens if you drop off and set up an inflatable in the morning and it rains later in the day? 
You always have the option to cancel any delivery due to bad weather as long as you cancel by 8pm the night before (12 hours or more prior to delivery. However, once the inflatable bouncy house, obstacle course or other party rental has been delivered you or if it is within 12 hours of delivery, you have chosen to rent it regardless of the weather forecast and no refunds will be given. 

Are your inflatables clean?
Yes. We pride ourselves on the cleanliness of our moon jumps and inflatable slides. All of our bounce houses and obstacle courses are cleaned, vacuumed and sanitized after each use. 

Is there a cancellation fee to cancel my bounce house rental?
There is no cancellation fee due to bad weather as long as you cancel by 8pm (12 hours) the night before delivery is scheduled. If it is within 12 hours of delivery time or if we have already delivered your Bounce House, etc., there will be no refunds if the weather is bad and you cannot use the inflatable slide, moon jump, etc. If you cancel within 12 hours (by 8pm the night before), we will issue you a refund for your deposit. 

Does anyone need to be present during delivery and pick-up?
During delivery someone must be present to pay for the bouncy house rental (amount due minus any deposit you paid) and to show an Airtime Inflatables Inc representative where the bounce house or inflatable slide is to be located and go over safety and operating guidelines. For pick-up, no one needs to be present. We will simply remove the inflatable the following day provided we have access to the property (no locked fences, gates, etc.).

Do you offer discounts for rental of multiple moon jumps, etc. on the same day? 
Yes. Discounts for the rental of multiple bounce houses at the same time are determined based on the inflatables and accessories you have selected. Because of the wide range of party supplies and concessions available, listing all possible combinations and discounts is not possible. When you book your rental, please ask about multiple rental discounts in the comments section. You can also call or email Airtime Inflatables Inc representative to ask what discounts are available for the inflatables you've chosen. 

What is your referral program?
Airtime Inflatables Inc offers a referral program which allows you to rent from us at absolutely no charge by simply referring five other people to us. For every five people you refer us and that rents Inflatables or other party supplies from us, you get one free 24 hour rental of a standard moonwalk or a discount on the larger obstacle courses or inflatable slides. 

What forms of payment do you accept for your party rentals?
We accept cash, checks, Visa, MasterCard and Discover. 

How far in advance should I book an inflatable? 
We recommend at least 3 to 4 weeks in advance if possible. It's always possible to rent a bouncy house only days before if they're available, however, weekends during the summer book heavily and quickly. It is not uncommon for our bounce houses to be completely booked weeks in advance over the summer. Holiday weekends in particular should be booked as early as possible to guarantee availability of your party rentals. 

I need an inflatable tomorrow, can I book one on such short notice?
Yes. You can book any bounce houses online 15 hours or more before your event. If it is within 15 hours (same day), please call and ask if we have any moon jumps, obstacle courses, inflatable slides, carnival games, party games, concession equipment or other party entertainment supplies available for same day delivery. 

For availability of specific moon jumps, inflatable slides, disco dome, slip and slides, obstacle courses, party rentals, games, table and chair rentals or activities, call us at (630)205-JUMP (5867). 

Or you can email us with any questions you have

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